Be an adult – Take Responsibility

Be an adult – Take Responsibility

Have you ever not got back to somebody because you didn’t have the courage to say what you know that you needed to say? It’s like, let me sweep this under the carpet, pretend it is not there and eventually it will go away. Well, guess what, the situation may go away at the time but what won’t go away is your inability to step up and take responsibility for your life.

As a child, you may have told the white lie to get out of trouble, blamed the dog or knew that by throwing a tantrum you can get what you want. It may have worked for you at the time but guess what, you are not a child anymore.

I remember a long time ago, I met a Director who offered me a role in his business. It is a fantastic Icon Brand and I was excited by what I could bring to the company. It had come down to the discussion of salary and that is where he was feeling uncomfortable. I asked him to come back to me with an offer. Then nothing. No phone call, no email and no return communication when contacted.
Now, he may have not been able to afford me or too uncertain of an offer to put forward, I have no idea to this day. What I do know is that he did not step up and take responsibility & unfortunately is known for it in his networks.

The thing is, that feeling is always there, you know the feeling where your actions don’t sit well with your values. It doesn’t go away. You keep avoiding taking responsibility and you feel it in your gut. It doesn’t feel right. You think that you are avoiding pain but you are enhancing it.

Be true to yourself. Have those challenging conversations even when you are fearful. Stand up to your responsibilities and be transparent with your communication & values. Hiding behind an invisible shield of avoidance shows people what level of responsibility you are willing to take on and therefore how much trust they can have in you.

The results that you achieve in your life is You. The great results, that’s You. The crap results, yep that’s You. The Actions & Non Actions, yes that is You. When you step up and own your behaviour, it is an evolution of learning. Best of all, you are true to yourself & people will respect you for it.

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