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Thursday 12th November 2020

Business Breakthrough Mastery Summit

Still puttering along in the same-old-slow-going business and over it? Or ready to kick start your new business idea with a bang?

Transform your business NOW and get the life you truly deserve! Because deep down you know you’re worth it and now is the time! Everything you need is within you right this moment!

FREE LIVE ONLINE EVENT 12th November at 9am-4.30pm!

Join a full day of value-packed training at the Business Breakthrough Mastery Summit with other like-minded business owners. Enjoy 3 x 2 hour Zoom training sessions that will give you immediate results – even a small portion of what you learn will get you instant clarity and increased results!

This is an online only event, so no travel and no parking required – simply attend from the comfort of your own space – put your feet up, grab a cuppa, a pen and some paper and get ready to transform your business!

You’ll finish the training motivated, inspired, energised and ready to rock – knowing that you have the strategies, tools and support you need to make it happen right now!

Places are limited, so don’t delay, book your spot now!


​​9 – 11am ​- ​Plan your Business ​Success
  • Business growth strategy plan – Set some goals for your business success
  • Clarify your business Vision
  • Define your business mission statement


​​12 – 2pm ​- ​Personal & Business Branding
  • Understand who you are as a business owner
  • Explore your ideal client
  • Craft your video message to your ideal client
  • Deliver your message with confidence


​​2.30pm – 4.30pm ​ – ​Personality ​Insights
  • Understand what makes you tick
  • Learn the art of reading your customers
  • The power of your thoughts
Business Breakthrough Mastery Summit
Thursday 12th November 2020
9am – 4.30pm

What you will learn:

Navigate an uncertain world with a solid Business Growth Strategy and Business Growth Mindset!

Learn to craft speeches, video scripts and create online programs!

Understand what drives human behaviour and build rapport quickly!

Learn Win-Win negotiation techniques to grow sales!

Business Breakthrough Mastery Summit
Thursday 12th November 2020
9am – 4.30pm


Janelle Johnston is an International Speaker & Leadership Trainer with extensive experience as a Human Behavioural Specialist working with top companies & individuals to achieve peak performance.

Janelle is committed to self-development and is a Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Leadership Educator, Trainer & Master NLP Practitioner, Master Deep State Re-Patterning, Master Hypnotherapist, Accredited Extended DISC® Behavioural Profiling Consultant/ Trainer, Accredited Cert IV Trainer & Assessor and Landmark Graduate.

JJ, as Janelle likes to be called, has studied with the leaders in Personal Development from Dr Demartini, Benjamin Harvey, Anthony Robbins, Taki Moore & Sharon Pearson.

She has travelled to many different countries around the world and had over 20 years experience in the Personal Development space.

Janelle is constantly researching & up skilling to enable effective delivery of cutting edge training & advanced coaching for her clients that exceeds their expectations.

JJ understands the power of people and strongly believes that the most powerful competitive advantage in any business is achieved by utilising & developing people’s potential

JJ has worked with clients such as Melbourne Airport, Freedom Furniture, Territory Discoveries Travel, Australia Post, The Good Guys, McDonalds, just to name a few and coaches individual clients & facilitates training programs all around the world.

“My personal mission is to assist companies & individuals to BREAKTHROUGH any barriers that are limiting their potential & to implement strategies that achieve Outstanding Results.

I have a burning insatiable Passion to stretch people & accelerate their learnings so that they can BE MORE & HAVE MORE of what they want in their life.

As a Human Behavioural Specialist, I thrive on Innovating & Creating programs that will expand thinking, develop skills & create results that are beyond the expectations of what was even first thought possible. It gives me great pleasure to delight & surprise my clients with the Rapid Transformation that is achieved through tapping into the resources that are already within them together with implementing strategies of personal excellence.

I have a Vision of creating a community of individuals who experience the incredible life changing ability to “Shine” and have the gratitude & willingness to mentor others & create a powerful positive ripple effect in the world. This will be my legacy of contribution.”

Janelle has worked with clients such as Mars, Wrigley, Melbourne Airport, Freedom Furniture, Territory Discoveries Travel, Australia Post, The Good Guys, McDonalds, just to name a few and coaches individual clients & facilitates training programs all around the world.

Angela McDonald says it is her business to make your business simple, effective and efficient providing business operational solutions specifically tailored for you. And that gives you more time!

Angela, as a business owner herself, has a lot going on in her life, juggling everyday family life and all that entails along with running her business and being active in her community.

“I’m constantly searching for ways to do it better and achieve more, without compromising on quality; quality of the service I provide to my clients, quality of the life I lead, and that of my family.”

Angela has spent her working life avidly learning and amassing a wealth of knowledge, tools and hands-on experience in business optimisation and operational management in a variety of industries in small and medium size businesses, as well as in large multi-divisional corporates.

Her skills are broad based and encompass financial reporting and bookkeeping, financial system clean up, customised reporting, payroll, HR, team management, training, corporate compliance and governance, productivity measures, policy and procedural development, training manuals, business streamlining and business alignment, web content and website development, copywriting … and the list goes on and on.  After all, variety is the spice of life!

Angela has loved every bit of all of the wonderful career opportunities she’s enjoyed – and has partnered these experiences with specific professional development courses to ensure she has the knowledge, skills and tools needed to readily identify operational inefficiencies in any business, and develop simple, effective and efficient solutions for business owners, managers and their teams.

So if you want to spend less time working in, and more time working on your business, Angela McDonald is your first point of contact!

Business Breakthrough Mastery Summit
Thursday 12th November 2020
9am – 4.30pm

Michelle’s business was transformed.

Michelle Bloom was a lot like most businesswomen. She was an expert business coach, yet always struggled to get enough clients

Like most coaches she was petrified of public speaking. She was so frightened she barely had enough courage to talk to people at networking events.

However, Michelle knew she couldn’t make it as a coach if she couldn’t present in public.
And while speaking scared her … the thought of not getting new clients scared her even more.
So I showed Michelle how to eliminate her nerves and speak with confidence and power.

I showed her how to connect quickly with any audience and position herself as the only person they should trust in her field.

And how to speak with authenticity so she connected in a deep, emotional way with her audience, and have them leaning in, hanging off her every word.

In a few weeks Michelle was networking at events like a seasoned professional. She was invited to speak at 3 different events, one of which was in front of 200 people.

And today Michelle is an incredibly successful business coach, paid workshop presenter and an in-demand keynote speaker.

Since working with JJ………..

Travelled the globe as a Speaker & have been offered 26 opportunities to speak internationally

Invited 44 times to submit articles to international publications

Gave 2, x 45 minute talks 4 hours apart at the 38th ADC 2019

Invited to be on 3 advisory committees

Given a position on a board for a new dental corporate

Invited to be a guest on Howard Farran’s podcast, who is US based and voted the world’s 5th most influential person in dentistry

Andrea Felton
Organised Dental

Since working with JJ………..

I’ve had major TV exposure, including Weekend Sunrise on Channel 7, Destination Happiness on Channel 9, The Morning show, and even a spot on Macedonia TV

Travelled the globe as a Speaker

Magazine & newspaper exposure

My videos have hit over 3 million views

JJ’s course has given me the confidence to speak on camera, to get out there and promote my profile, and ultimately to speak around the world. Thanks JJ – I couldn’t have done it without you!

George Georgievski
School lunchbox
Business Breakthrough Mastery Summit
Thursday 12th November 2020
9am – 4.30pm

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