Find your voice

Find your voice

Have you ever sat in a meeting & had some valuable insights but didn’t speak up?
Is the word Yes coming out of your mouth when you really mean No?
Do you allow others to make decisions for you so that you don’t ruffle any feathers?

When you do this, you dis-empower yourself. You are saying that you are not worthy. Your thoughts and opinions are not good enough to be heard. By saying Yes when you mean No, you are not congruent with your beliefs, mission or values, instead you are in conflict. Allowing others to make decisions for you takes away your control of where you truly want to head in your life and yet, conveniently it can also have the payoff of not taking responsibility for your actions, which we know is a cop out.

I remember hearing the saying “Speak the truth even if your voice shakes” and this powerful message is a good one. Yes, there may be times where you tell the white lie to make someone feel good “No honey, your butt doesn’t look too big in those jeans”, but what about when you have something important to say and you keep suppressing it. Let me tell you, you are doing not only yourself injustice but the world.

We all see the world in our own unique way because of the diverse experiences that we have had together with how we filter information. Your opinion counts. Your insights count. You saying No & backing yourself counts. You deserve to be the Strong Leader in your own life.
How boring would the world be if we all agreed on everything and saw everything in the same light.
You owe it to others around you to be able to challenge thinking & expand each others minds.

It’s been said that if you haven’t had someone not like you at some point then you haven’t stood for anything.
Stand up for You. Share your true self and allow the expression of your views expand how others see the world & be open to being challenged as this is how you grow.
Find Your Voice & Inspire others to find theirs.

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