You have the inner strength to handle anything

You have the inner strength to handle anything

We often don’t know how strong we are until a challenge in life is thrown in our direction and we are forced to dig deep. You are not always in control of your environment but you are in control of your thoughts & the meaning you give experiences in the world. How you communicate to yourself is crucial in maintaining & developing a healthy sustainable relationship with the person that stares back in the mirror at you every day. We have all of the resources inside of us to support us in times of challenge. Yes, crap things happen in life but we have a choice to either succumb to misery or rise up stronger & wiser than ever before.

It is important that we have a strategy that works for us that will direct our communication with our self so that it is as empowering as possible.
55% of how we communicate is through our physiology (our body language), 7% our words and 38% the tonality of our voice. By knowing this & also being aware that mind & body are connected, it is important to notice how you are communicating to yourself at any given time. If it’s working for you, great, if not, change it.

What words are you saying in your head when you are faced with a challenge. Are they something like “Why me”, “Life’s unfair”. Listen to your self talk and have some strong empowering questions in your repertoire that will support you in tapping into your inner strength. You could ask “What will I learn from this”, “How can I make this better”, “Who do I need to become at this time”. This will help direct your mind into an empowering state.

Hear the tonality of your self talk. Make it empowering, strong & loving.
Ensure you have a physiology of excellence. Shoulders back, head up, eyes up & if strutting down the hallway at this time gets you into an empowering mindset, Do that.
Be your own source of strength & support. You owe it to your best friend, You.

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