Is this You?

Is this You?

It’s been a hectic week. In the last few weeks you have been Flat Out. The phone seems to be attached to your ear, there is yet another meeting to attend & those emails just don’t stop. You’re proud of the role that you have got and at first, the perks of going into the Qantas lounge, parking in valet parking & staying in fancy hotels gave you a buzz. Even though you still enjoy it, it can feel like a chore sometimes and you often wake up in your hotel bed and forget what city you are in.

You are a perfectionist, great at what you do and the person you compete with most is yourself. Achieving is very important to you and you put in the hard work & the long hours to ensure you get the best results. On the outside, you are seen to have it all. The luxury car, holiday house & kids at private schools but it can feel like you are in a time warp of busyness. You worry about sales in your business, controlling costs and getting that bottom line profit. Sometimes the pressure of being successful seems like you just have to keep working harder to keep that success. One of your biggest fears is losing it all. Then you think of work life balance & you laugh to yourself, AS IF. It’s only when you are on holidays with your family that you say to yourself, “You know what, this is great, I really need to get more balance in my life”. Your family agree and then 3 days back from holidays, ground hog day starts again & you forget your intention until your next holiday comes around.

Travelling away from home & being in a busy role means that you haven’t got as much time with the people you love. Your friends ask, “Where have you been stranger?” Family have left messages on your phone & still waiting for you to return their call. You get home exhausted and then you have your partner wanting to catch up with you on all the news you have missed & the kids are wanting your attention. You nod your head pretending to listen as you balance the emails on your laptop & the text messages on your phone. The kids run off, knowing that you are again Too Busy & your partner mumbles something that you think was, “You never make time to listen to me”. Even your dog gives you a concerned look as if they don’t know you anymore.

Often people live in a world of being busy that they don’t stop to live in the moment. We often label our own identity with the role that we have. We are a CEO etc but you are SO much more than that. You may be a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a son, a daughter, a friend, you have many roles to play. You may have heard stories of people that have been in a role for a long time & retire then feel completely lost as they don’t know who they are anymore. Their physical or mental health can take a toll as a consequence. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Can you have a successful career, be a high achiever & have more harmony in your life. Hell yeah!!

Often it is the high achieving successful people that don’t put up their hand for support. They can see vulnerability or getting support as weakness where it is actually the highest form of courage. You may think, no-one can help me unless they give me more hours in a day, you think this because that is all you know. When I coach my clients I often talk about the 3 areas of thinking. 1. What you know you know. 2. What you know you don’t know (which is the area most people focus on to grow) and the most important area is 3. What you don’t know, you don’t know. Tapping into this third area is where the Gold is. Stretching your boundary of thinking so that you can Be More, Achieve More & have even more of a happy & fulfilling life.

You never see anyone’s tombstone saying, “John Doe, worked 50 hours a week & was a successful General Manager”. This is your life and relationships are the key to happiness. There is always room for self growth and to have a strong understanding of self & others, together with strategies that will enhance your life, these are all available to you.

If this person sounds a bit like you, it doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve better.

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