Mind your own business

Mind your own business

I remember as a child watching Bewitched on tv and laughing at the nosy neighbour that was always immersing herself in what was happening across the road. We are all addicted at some level to drama. It is a natural human behaviour however we need to ensure that we fulfill this need in a resourceful and sustainable way. Be mindful of the boundaries of other peoples lives.

When I first started going out with my now husband, the question people asked me was, “When are you getting married?” Then after we got married it was “When are you going to have a baby?” Then after the birth of my son the question was “When are you having another baby?”
It didn’t bother me at the time with most people but then you would come across some individuals that would really put the pressure on, it would feel as though they had the spotlight on you & an interrogation was in progress.

We are inquisitive human beings and we naturally crave knowing about other peoples worlds. It is important to always remember that it is their life, their belief system & their journey to take. Now I’m not saying that you can’t guide and support your loved ones but there is a fine line. If people are in danger then of course you can choose to intervene however most of the time we need to step back, let them make their own decisions & allow them to learn from any mistakes they make along the way. We need to learn to listen more & talk less.

Now this may press a few buttons for some of you.
Your son has broken up with his wife. Give support, guidance & love and “Mind your own business.”
A friend tells you that another friend has put on 10kg & is ready for a gossip fest. Zip it up and “Mind your own business.”
The neighbours daughter has left school at 15. Be there as a sounding board if they need you and “Mind your own business.”

Make yourself available for people but refrain from judgement & unsolicited advice. When you come from a place of love & non judgement, you will be surprised how people will be drawn to you and then ask you for support.
Refuse to involve yourself in water cooler gossip. When you feel that urge of excitement, when some saucy news is told & you want to give your 5 cents worth remember, mind your own business, look after your own backyard and focus on more acceptance & less judgement.

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