Rip Fear off like a band-aid

Rip Fear off like a band-aid

Fear is a funny thing, it can stop you from living your dreams, prevent you from doing the things you know that are good for you and trick you into staying in that boring old comfort zone.
On the other hand, fear is a great thing. It protects us from dangerous situations and sends alarm bells to us as a precaution.

The thing is, they both feel the same. The fear of real danger & our perceived danger. If you are walking in the countryside and you think there is a snake next to your leg, you will feel the fear the same as if you were mistaken and it was only a rubber hose.

Often when I make decisions in life, I ask myself is it good for me, good for others & good for the greater good. Now if all these boxes are ticked then what shows up next is that this task that I need to action may initially feel good doing it or it may not. If my decision is that I am going to start running for the first time, at the beginning it may not feel good as my body gets used to the process of that action however the feel good will be there at the end when I have achieved my goal.

To achieve our goals & create the life we desire, we often may need to extend ourselves & start tasks that may not feel good to begin with and this can relate to your own fears. You may have a fear of rejection when calling up new potential clients on the phone however you know that this can help expand your business. If you let your perceived fear control you, then you will never conquer all of the goals that you dream of achieving.

It’s time to nip this fear in the bud. You must take action. Just rip that fear off like a band-aid. Focus on your end goal & take that first step forward in controlling your own life. Once this first step is completed, whatever outcome you achieve, pat yourself on the back for giving it a crack. Get straight back on the bike and do it again. With action comes momentum and you are building confidence within yourself as you know that you didn’t burst into flames by taking that action you feared in the past.

Think of what you would achieve in your life if you had no fear. It’s up to you to choose to make fear your friend, thank it for protecting you but know that you are the one that makes the decisions and controls the direction of your life. This is your life, make it spectacular.

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