Work with JJ

If you’re looking for a professional Key Note Speaker that is fun, energetic & inspires the room to create positive change, then JJ is the one for you.

Janelle is a Human Behavioural Specialist who has worked in the Personal Development space for nearly 30 years. JJ has trained & coached thousands of individuals around the world, creating transformational change to achieve peak performance.

Speaker Kit

JJ delivers a vast array of thought provoking keynote topics, such as:

  • Coach Your Team to Success – learn the art of effective & powerful coaching
  • Speak to Influence – Key strategies of Public Speaking
  • Leadership, the Power of your mindset – Develop the psychology to increase personal performance
  • Be Your own best coach – an insight into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the manual for your mind.
  • Advanced Communication – The psychology of effective relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence – The key components to understanding self & others

“Public Speaking isn’t just a Corporate sport. It’s about expressing your message & vision that creates the change in the world that you inspire others to make.”

– Janelle Johnston –

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