You are Good Enough

You are Good Enough

Do you dream of the day that you will have everything under control?
Are you frustrated that the more you strive for perfection the less perfect you believe you are?

I’m sure if juggling & multi tasking was a career in itself, us women would win a Nobel prize.

The thing is that you are striving for the ultimate perfection but what is perfect?
Perfect is the unreachable, pie in the sky that you believe other people may have achieved.
The hot shot business woman that you meet at the networking event that seems to have it all together.
You see, when you measure yourself against the best of the outside of someone else to the worst of the inside of yourself, you will never ever EVER win at that game.

Sometimes I know you get damn tired of it. Frustrated that you work so hard at being the perfect partner, Mum, house cleaner, cook and oh yeah, all balanced with running your own business. Then when you fall into bed exhausted, dreaming of that next travel destination or that massage at your favourite day spa, you remind yourself of all the things that were not done good enough today and how you will have to do better tomorrow.

You will do that washing in the wash basket, you will be nicer to your partner, you will exercise, you will cook a nice dinner, you will eat healthy, you will volunteer at the school, you will get that project for your business finished, you will mop the kitchen floor and for heavens sake make sure you shave those hairy legs of yours 🙂

It is rewarding and important to achieve in your life but when you put so much pressure on yourself to perform at a level that is absurd at times, it can leave you angry, frustrated and wanting to just hibernate under your doona and dream of an easier life.

I want you to know this. You are Good enough. Yes, I know logically you know that and this frustrates you too. Knowing that hey I’m smart, I’m a good mum, I do a good job and then that other little mini me voice pops up and says otherwise.

It’s time to invest in YOU. You are so busy taking care of everything & everyone else, what about you? You can’t give your all if you have not nurtured yourself. It’s your turn.

Immerse yourself in learning how to communicate with yourself in a way that empowers you. You have strategies for all the chores in your life now learn the strategies of being your own best friend. Schedule in time to work on the project of YOU. Surround yourself with those that believe in you, that are on your side and cheering you onto success.

The journey all starts with one belief, “I AM GOOD ENOUGH.”

Be kind to yourself.

JJ xx

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